A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats


Arizona Business Brokers should be very positive and face 2017 with a smile on their faces. So too should Arizona business buyers and sellers. It’s always preferable to buyers to buy into a rising market and economy. So too, is it preferable for sellers to sell into an increasing economy. Business sellers can actually find buyers. More good news came in December from the economic prognosticators for the economy in 2017.

In short, in the general economy the 2016 Gross Domestic Product continues ticking up and is projected higher in 2017; jobs growth, hiring increases, stronger market for skilled workers, growth in professional services, business services, healthcare and government all showed increases; interest rates and inflation ticking up which will improve the health of financial institutions and asset values; single family starts are continuing to increase as well as retail sales.

We are talking and focusing on issues again. Yes! Every issue has implications in our improving economy. What’s News in the WSJ today started with Fed Optimism (that’s a good thing); then, Dow posted new highs again (ok, good); the dollar rose (A strong currency can be helpful); Treasure pushed up yield (will help financials); Exxon faces issues with exiting CEO to Gov’t (energy is a worldwide platform in which we need to play, even with self sufficiency goal); Calpers seeks more conservative returns (they are a bit late on that one, but better late than never);  OPEC wants non country’s support (that game is losing steam); lower oil prices (go natural gas production and self sufficiency); and Fidelity lowers trading fees to support ETFs (lower fees and use of powerful new investment vehicles good for investors). I see a lot of positive here. Ok, I skipped the VW emissions cheating article. It’s not a bright spot, but hey, they were caught and deserve to get slammed more. And, the Yahoo data breach announcement may stimulate better cyber security.

Thumbs up as we go into 2017!



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