Sell An Arizona Business

Sell Your Arizona Business For Top Dollar!

I offer Arizona business owners a specialized business broker service. In order to sell your business for top dollar, you'll need to prepare. I leverage research, financial analysis and my financial advisory investment knowledge and experience.  You'll need to understand the preparation, the selling process and your post sale financial life, which is no less important in making decisions.

My services include a Complementary Opinion Of Value, based on market comps for similar businesses in your industry, segment and location ... by size and type.

With a market value analysis in hand,  I then develop a pricing, marketing and execution plan to get your business offering and sales price to the top of that value range.

My go-to-market process is confidential and proactive. You determine and control pricing, terms, conditions, approve prospects and the financial release of information, as well as, the due diligence process and closing terms. Our contracts are flexible, have cancellation options and charge no penalty options. My goal is to help you make the right financial decision, even if it is not to sell today.

As an Arizona Business Broker and M&A Advisor, I focus on selling Arizona businesses. I specifically target businesses in the Phoenix Metro Area, Scottsdale, Tucson and Flagstaff.

Equity funds and strategic companies (companies in your industry) seek to acquire Arizona business in all of the following industries: Manufacturing, Wholesale, Distribution, Technology, Communications, Construction, Healthcare, Business Services, Financial, Retail, or Medical.

I am contacted weekly by equity funds seeking Arizona businesses to acquire. If you seek to sell your Arizona business, call me.

Equity funds and strategic companies pay top dollar for businesses. They are ready, willing and able buyers. They have the expertise, knowledge, capital, financing and willingness to acquire.

My marketing program is proactive and aggressive. I identify, target and contact equity funds and strategic companies buyers directly with a confidential offering of our clients’ opportunity.
Additionally, I work though M & A platforms whose members are private equity funds, hedge funds, private and public strategic companies, M & A firm buyers, SBIC (small business investment companies) as well as, mezzanine, valuation, financing companies and senior lenders.

I also list companies I represent on the largest small business broker websites though the length of my client agreement. This will surely generate high net worth individual buyers for your Arizona business within a short period of time.


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