Initial Financials

Initial Financials Required To Sell Your Business

We Help You Aggregate Initial Financials

The first step is for each of us to execute a confidentiality agreement, an NDA, a non-disclosure agreement. I will forward my standard and executed NDA to you via email. Review and sign it before sending me your initial financials. It offers confidentiality protection for both you and I. I require it.

Next, aggregate your initial financial package. In order for me to initially evaluate your business, I will need an initial package of financials. Then, after reviewing, I can determine if we are a good fit and that I believe I can help you achieve your goals.


It should include the following:

  • 3 years of Income Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Current Year to Date Income Statements and Balance Sheet
  • Your Business Website URL
  • A list of Add-Backs ... They include the owner’s salary, benefits, insurance, autos, travel, and any personal expenses and non-operating expenses. Also include extraordinary and/or one time company expenses, liabilities, overpayments, high/low rent payments, real estate, etc.


An estimate can work initially if reasonably accurate. Consult your CPA. We can do a thorough recasting analysis at a later time.

With the initial add-backs list we are beginning the process of recasting financials in order to arrive at the actual financial benefits to the ownership of the business. Recasting financials involves adjusting the balance sheet and the income statement.

I will review the initial financial package and contact you with any additional questions before I prepare the initial Opinion of Value on your business.



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