The Arizona Business And Economic Future Is Bright


I like the positive outlook going forward for Arizona. The election is behind us. Much of the uncertainty too has passed. The EBRC, the Economic and Business Research Center, speaking on the Arizona Economy says Arizona is ‘Surfing A Wave of Growth’! From Washington, we are hearing talk of infrastructure investment, lower business taxes, and less constricting business regulation.

All of this bodes well for Arizona businesses, as well as, Arizona business owners and the next generation of Arizona business buyers. Baby Boomers represent a huge percentage of the population currently. As they consider retirement, many will either pass on their businesses to their kids or contact an Arizona Business Broker.

This is all good news for entrepreneurs too. Current owners in this more positive environment can get a good fair price for their business, retire and move on. This should impact the opportunities, increasing the number of Arizona businesses for sale. Buyers will face more opportunities, buy at attractive prices, and look forward to a positive business environment generating increases for business owners.

I noticed a recent headline, ‘Buffett buys stakes in four airlines’. Buffett buys strong companies that are undervalued and are into industries that are under-priced. We live in a resort destination. Arizona is a golf haven and a sunny paradise to all those snow bound Northerners. Buyers move to Arizona and buy a business here. For business owners, selling into a rising market is always better.



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